Vaginal fluid transplants could cure bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal microbiome transplantation in women with intractable bacterial vaginosis (VMT - BV) [Nature, October 2019] x-post /r/HumanMicrobiome

Surviving, not thriving. I'm trying to keep a daily added sugar intake of <25g (with no cheats, ever, so no candy even once a week), I spend all my time at home without pants (not fun for me), haven't had sex since July, no masturbating, have gone through like three rounds of terconazole which comes in the most nightmarish tube of all time and I'm not sure I'll get through the next round of it because of said nightmarish tube, on a probiotic which really upsets my stomach, and I'm trying to finish my dissertation within the next six weeks.

Tl;dr My life sucks and I think about dying most of the time, but I'm toughing it out because I'm hoping things will get better next year.

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