Valentina comes out as non-binary ❤️

And this person was talking about ze/zer pronouns and how they should be used over other pronouns. Which is literally arguing for the same thing as me in a different way. If you make one pronoun more common youre telling other people they need to use it as well.

Im not going to deal with the endless different pronoun movements when they're all the exact same. If someone wants me to use a unique pronoun and aren't a dick about it I'll my best. And bully for you that you've not met the deaths of afab (I'm afab don't come for me) enbies that speak the absolute loudest and over everyone else in the room and think because they died their hair green they suffer from way more oppression. It's annoying and exhausting. I know not all enbies are like that but the ones who are are so damn loud and because they speak extremely and in that very black and white Tumblr way it makes it so hard to fucking deal with them.

You may not have experienced the trans people who grew up in the internet, socialised badly and have experienced so much anger inside them they now have to turn that towards something else. I have. And I can't be fucked calling so many people shay/ze/ye/thou/zir/fey or any of the others I've been told to use many many times.

That's why they get they OR THEIR NAME. Stop pretending like I'm intentionally misgendering people when I've clearly been giving two options every time.

I've also said that for close friends it's can be easier because these things can take time.

So don't chat shit about me not being respectful because I wanna ignore the afab enby dressed in a bra and panties with "don't call my pussy female" written in blood in their chest at a midday meeting. I've met all the weird trans stereotypes you think only exist online. The people who write those pieces exist irl you know? And they're annoying af.

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