Vancouver people are so skinny!

Eating healthy in the US is cheaper than eating in most fast food establishments

When you're paid $8.50/hour and have work 10-12 hours just to make your rent, plus choose between spending 3 hours roundtrip taking transit or shelling out money for gas, suddenly you have a lot less money for healthy food. Time is money.

You got some posters thinking now that dairy and meat are unhealthy which it isn't.

Again, you have some posters thinking that all and any meat, dairy and other American products will have homones and/corn products. This isnt the case. Two of the biggest produce sellers in the US (Costco and Wal-Mart) sell dairy free of hormones.

Dollar for dollar, Canadian meat and dairy are better than American meat and dairy products. Even the cheapest milk or meat in a Canadian hypermarket is of decent quality. But I wouldn't touch most cheap staples in American grocery stores. That $2.99 gallon of milk you got in Bellingham is probably loaded up with hormones, corn or both. Though, fair enough about Walmart GV milk. Also, Washington state seems to have fought back against the rBGH craze in the rest of the country.

Natural sugar is a rarerity to find in Canadian soda.

Fair enough on that one, too. But most fruit juices (Sun-Rype, Minute Maid, Dole, even no-name brands) are made with real fruit with no added sugar or HFCS.

We are talking about fitness and healthy eating. Not police brutality. Canadian police dont have the best record with First Nations but this is for another discussion

While this is true, the lack of affordable, convenient healthy food for many Americans indirectly does develop a bit of a feedback loop that ties in other social issues like poverty and urban blight. More poverty means more use of excessive force by police. Ironically, these are some of the very same issues faced by Aboriginal communities, especially for those living in rural areas (e.g. on reservation)

You're forgetting that Vancouver is one of the fittest places in North America. Its as stupid as a Satellite glowing over how healthy America is because he's only been to Nunavut and Thunder Bay.

Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Portland and Minneapolis are the most fit cities in North America, yet obese people are a common sight in all of them except Vancouver. (And the first two cities aren't very far apart form each other!)

Money already is in politics! That's why we had 600 Chinese miners come to BC, Trudeau asking for exceptions to TFW program in his riding, developers being cozy with city and provincial officials and even had the Mayor of Burnaby warn that BC was turning into a banana republic!

JT was not trying to kick out Canadian workers in all the McDonalds outlets on Montreal Island and replace them with Filipinos. He wanted an extremely qualified, high-end Sichuan chef for Le Piment Rouge, perhaps the most prestigous Sichuan-style restaurant in the country where five prime ministers (including JT's dad, Pierre Trudeau) have dined.

And compared to how money and corporations have ensnared American politics, the HD Mining affair and Derek Corrigan calling Christy Clark a "banana republic" are almost non-issues. I was doing my income tax return and it was free and easy thanks to, which has full NETFILE approval. In the US, H&R Block and Intuit have been lobbying Congress for years not to give the IRS the authority to simplify W2 filing, provide a no-charge option for W2 filing, implement direct deposit of tax refunds and reform the tax code. Remember the Chilliwack dairy farm that was secretly filmed abusing cattle? The story was turned over to the authorities and heads rolled. In the US, the dairy farms would probably just lobby to ban the filming of farms. (several states have done so and the ACLU is suing a few.) Police unions have immense power to prevent reform of no-knock warrants, body cameras, civilian oversight groups, plus maintain harsh mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offences. Some states have even banned the sale of electric cars because they don't use a dealership model, and dealerships make so much money they can lobby state legislatures to stifle competition. Sheldon Adelson, CEO of Las Vegas Sands, is waging a successful one-man war against for-money online poker in the US because it would cut into his company's casino revenues. Ever seen those right hand drive cars from Japan in Vancouver? They can be imported into the country as long as they're 15 years old. It was the same in America during the 1980s, but Americans were importing Eurospec Mercedes cars because they hated the sucky US models. Mercedes-Benz USA lobbied Congress to raise the import restriction to 25 years in 1995 and it has stayed there ever since. Lobbying by big automakers is the reason North America doesn't have compact diesel trucks, most hot hatches, fun wagons/sedans, etc. Cuban cigars have been illegal in the US for over 50 years because Cuban exiles who fled Castro are a huge lobby and voting bloc in the state of Florida, and since they hate Castro they want the embargo to stay in place. The list goes on, and on, and on. You can't compare the two countries. Canada is almost a paradise compared to America.

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