Vancouver people are so skinny!

It's pretty extreme in downtown, Yale town, Coal Harbor and West end/English Bay are hard to be visibly unfit if you are conscious of such things. Get a bit farther out into the Fraser Valley and mobility scooters get plentiful in grocery stores. The. Valley Folk or ".bridge and tunnel folk" are noticeably larger which I thought was a paradox as they are farmers mostly with the regular support services around. I figure not only farms more automate d all the time. Less actual physical labor. Same diet. For the rest, can't walk anywhere productive so they drive everywhere. I did when I spent 3 years working in Chilliwack and Hope and beyond. Wife at the time was shocked when we moved to English Bay 10 years ago. ' everyone is SO fit' so she did too. As did In my mid 30. Relitivly fit but inherently lazy. Living the fun life with the pretty beach crowd. Was lor of peer pressure. Had a drinking buddy whom we had gone out on a potential date and decided dating was not in the cards, just went drinking once in a while till one day she. Says . 'Come to yoga? It's good for you and it's fun, Now as I'm not a moron, i know yoga isn't fun. It isn't for fun. The first point and her last statement, 'you get to see me mostly naked provided enough motivation to actually get addicted to Bikrams for 2 years. Within 6 months of starting at twice a week minimum , we were going every day and once or twice a week, doubles. Never did a triple. She did. She would also for get into my car when I picked her up for class in yaletown maybe once a month and clearly we were off to the beach as she has a bottle of vodka and tequila 2 towels and music. OK. Back to my place in west end and park. Drinking at at the beach till dark usually. Some time as the sun was going down we would stumble back to my apartment( I miss my 6th floor, 1800 Sq ft, 3 bed 2 . bath with beach and north shore views. Ahh. The good old days )where she would undobtly take advantage of my vintage pink toilets. Apparently they are easy to pray into. Then my wife would drive her home. Was good days.
I am still shocked a few times each time I go south tho. Been crossing border regularly for 30 years and monthly at keast for 6 now. Nexus even. Every time I encounter regular Americans that are 2 times my mass and with limited mobility.

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