Variety on Twitter - "The hybrid release can be good—you want customers to have the choice...Here's what I know: there's an opening weekend, and you can go see a movie," Kevin Feige says of #ShangChi's release.

And Restaurant's and Bars are have been busier than ever?

you could just ask people. In a poll of all americans, the percent comfortable going to theaters peaked at 55% over a month ago. We were at that point for Dinning in April and peaked over 70%. There's about 20% of the country who views movie theaters as significantly riskier than dinning inside while being comfortable dinning inside to some degree.

Maybe its time to accept this years lineup of films just hasn't been great outside a couple of films?

These aren't unrelated? Nothing makes people more likely to go to theaters than exposure to a potential threat and judging it safe.


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