A vast majority of cis people won't date trans people

It’s important to note most psychologists or psychiatrists will stop giving treatment if they start to see someone has Cluster B, especially borderline. You can treat mental health imbalance, but personality disorders is a caseload few want to take. While that study shows a majority of trans people with cluster B disorders, that’s just stating confirmed diagnoses. The number is likely higher if people could be forced to get treatment.

Along with the high number of Cluster B, there was another study that over 50% of trans people had a parent with borderline, which also helps show the link.

And to be honest, people with cluster b diagnoses being able to latch onto trans victimhood is a perfect storm of awful screeching. Narcissistic injury mixed with rejection from society at large (albeit for rational and obvious reasons, if you’ve spent enough time with them) leads to a very strong ego complex

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