I’ve been bad at math most of my life. But I hate that fact and want to become confident since math is essential. What can I do?

I need help ,i just refused my promotion.... because am not good at maths and by it i mean literally bad at maths

I have adhd and i have always avoided maths , am good at almost everthing else which does not involve mathematics.I have been commended for good communication skills (english is not my mother tongue)i know a handfull of languages(english,french,hindi,telugu,malayalam and tamil is my mother tongue) Am good with history ,life skills,and art And i have been in my University's dance and soccer team BUT because of my poor relationship with maths am going through alot of issue's Am just being held back by myself I think i have developed imposter s syndrome and my confidence level is damn low....... The sad part is i cant even get treated for adhd due to my social and family conditions And it seems damn hard to concentrate anything with a lilttle math and am a 27 year old guy Who has failed to reach his true potential and is sulking about it now in reddit ,sitting at office hoping for........ I seriously dont know what am hoping for right now. I have been always expected to achieve greater heights.....and have failed miserably........... Though i have refused the promotion ! And upset my family in the process ,...............i just feel am in a position (job,and other things) Which are good in a way and feel thankfulll for it. Only if i could be a bit better and do maths confident ..... I can definitely hold on to it and may scale great height! (P.S i may have been bit dramatic in certain things mentioned above)

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