So I’ve been messing around with a few girls lately and is it weird that sex isn’t good? it doesn’t feel great and I just think I’m weird because when I was so young it used to be the one thing I always wanted to do and now that I’m doing it pretty much weekly it’s just not fun and not good.

Plenty of guys need an intellectual or emotional connection, or will after some post-nut clarity. Guys have a higher spontaneous sex drive, but if you’re having enough sex to satisfy the biological part (and don’t need sex to prop up fragile self-esteem), then it’s not uncommon to find yourself wanting more out of sex. You’re not less manly for it. In my dating heyday I slept with a lot of women, but after sleeping with 4 different women in 3 days I actually felt kind of gross about it. Sex is great but don’t spend time on sex if it’s not building a connection. When you find a powerful connection, you’ll regret every minute you wasted not looking for it.

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