We’ve filed a law­suit chal­leng­ing GitHub Copi­lot, an AI prod­uct that relies on unprece­dented open-source soft­ware piracy.

First of all, I hope that copilot gets investigated by smart people because it may be very useful tool for boilerplate stuff as long as it plays fair with licensing rules.

I'm not smart enough in lawyer language to know if it does now, so I can't really comment on validity of this litigation. I've seen quite a few litigations that are doomed to fail but happen anyway to either promote the law firm or just grab some cash by a company that pesters some other company long enough to receive "oh fuck off already bag of cash". Oftentimes, majority of the cash goes to the law firm and actual victims get 10 cents each. I hope that the firm from OP's link is not like that, but we'll see - I have never heard of them. Might as well grab popcorn and watch.

But the thing that I find hilarious is that this link is about an algorithm stealing content for commercial purposes and it's posted here like this. I don't know if it's paid astroturfing campaign to promote the website or if it's just picked up by account network that reposts HN links to later sell 1M karma accounts for other purposes but it sure as hell does not look like an organic post series if you click "other discussions". It's like bots accusing each other of stealing content. Spidermen_pointing_at_each_other meme goes here.

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