I’ve heard this is true for a lot of states

True, but I do think many people have their opinions slowly changed over Reddit discussions, just not during when they’re arguing with something.

The problem with Reddit is things filter into echo chambers and some places will insta ban you for every placing a comment in a specific subreddit they find bad. For example I commented on a anti do anything about Covid subreddit where I talking to people to see their opinion then giving sources of why some of their arguments were fake and maybe they should looking into such and such (in support for vaccines). Then 1 minute later I get 10 messages saying I’m permabanned from several subreddits like TIHI.

The good thing is Reddit usually contains to themselves like you said. I’m more worried about professional industries like Infosec using Twitter as the main networking tool where everyone is doing woke-Olympics to stir up drama to generate more interactions and look politically safe for companies. I ended up uninstalling twitter when one security expert got cancelled because he made a security training module where everyone was a rat with different accents, and one of the rats had a Jewish accent and name so therefore it’s racist calling Jews rats.

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