i’ve never seen something Kail needs to read more than this.

My husband's ex allows him extra time when she is in a good mood. When she's pissed off she will shorten the time or not give extra time. Then has the audacity to be like we will just go by the court order when my husband complains.

When he agrees that they should she then tries to be like but I don't think a court order should be the deciding factor when she wants to plan something and it falls on his time.

We now go by the court order because when one party does things based on their emotions it's hard to plan.

My recommendation is to never not follow the order all it does is cause chaos if one party is toxic.

If both are normal like my parents were than you wouldn't even need one. My parents agreed to child support and custody without a fight and I never once knew if they had a disagreement about anything. If we wanted to to see my dad he would get us tickets and fly us out to him. My mom didn't even care if we missed school to see him as long as we had passing grades. They were also teen parents 2 kids by 20 yrs old. First was born at 17 next one at 19 divorced at 30.

So it depends on the situation you're in. It can work for some and for others it doesn't. It worked for a bit with my husband and his ex but she stopped fighting with the other baby daddy so now shes fighting with my husband. When she starts fighting with the other baby daddy she will try to be best friends with my husband again. She reminds me of Kail in some ways.

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