I’ve seen someone mention this before but are there more groups for ftm people? I don’t really feel comfortable posting in the r/trans or those subs because I can’t find any other ftm people there. Is it weird that I feel this way?

You are allowed to post in those subs nothing is stopping you so why don't you? There are plenty trans subs that don't appeal to me I simply don't go to them instead of complaining about the sub not appealing to me. If ftm people choose not to post there and it doesn't appeal to you ultimately what are you complaining about what do you want? Because is just comes across as you don't want mtf posting in these places.

I'm not talking just about this post but it's not been uncommon for me to see posts here attacking trans women and sweeping generalisations made. I mean the comments here alone have already descended to people ranting about trans women experiencing male privilege out of nowhere. It's not very nice and frankly terf transphobes will use this stuff to further their narrative that all trans women are domineering and manly like. We will get even more hatred thrown our way. Maybe it's because ftm people are not the primary focus of terf hatred so they feel comfortable doing it. But I got no patience left I am tired of the constant attacks.

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