VeChain Announces FoodGates, A Cross-Continental Blockchain Logistics Solution | Crypto Briefing

I got 20 bucks just sitting on an exchange waiting to be thrown at something, and I guess vechain seems as good an option as any... but I am getting all sorts of 2017 deja vu. There's like a whole industry of newsy looking blogs that just churn out crypto 'news' that never really amounts to anything.

That being said... Vechain is like a shipment tracking blockchain thing and the token (vet) is used as 'gas' on it. Right (or wrong)? What could or should something like this be worth?

It's 20 inconsequential dollars, I'm just asking for someone to sell me on this beyond 'dyor' (I did, and I couldn't find anything actually verifying the partnership- which doesn't necessarily mean anything, my googlefu is subar).

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