Vegan couple jailed for giving 18-month-old child restrictive diet leaving her extremely malnourished

I hate the diet and I dislike (not hate) vegans who push this unhealthy (depending on your lifestyle) and financially burdensome diet onto others. 17 of us from our mountain rescue team gave vegan died a chance for a full year and for a full year our performance was shit, absolute shit while we were spending 3-4x times more. It's just not possible to be in top performance that we need to be on a vegan diet we tried adjusting our meals multiple times every time we complained well this is just not working we were told no no you are doing this and that wrongly so we adjusted and still we were performing 1/10th than before.

2 saw improvement switching to vegetarian diet, 1 stayed a vegan rest of us returned to a mixed diet. Since I had a chance to talk too few marathon runners how they do with vegan diets they all told me they have to exercise much more and that it has taken a larger mental toll. But all of these people had their own cooks who prepared their food made super they had all supplements and additives.

I'm not an absolute meat lover but in our case vegan diet is just a no go. For the most part I gave up red meat but a diet without white meat and fish is a massive no no.

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