Vegan: for what reason?

The first thing that popped in my mind was "All the reasons!", which is true in my case. Animal welfare, environmental issues, health benefits, they were ALL really important in my decision to go vegan. But something else that helped me immensely is the fact that I'm very sceptical about everything. A little bit too sceptical, because I always ask myself if the things people do in their everyday life actually make sense, and if you think about it lots of "normal" things don't make any sense at all. As a result, I'm prone to making a lot of life decisions that others might find a little strange. The same thing with veganism. If you think about it, consuming meat, eggs and dairy is really fucking weird. Meat first of all, because it is literally a part of a corpse and if you're eating meat, you're literally chewing on someone else's muscles. That's really fucking weird when you think about it. It's also really weird, because in many parts of the world people could easily live without it, but for some reason people keep buying it and making the most passionless meals out of it, with all the negative implications we're all aware of. That's really weird to me. Dairy is also really weird. I mean, just ask yourself: what the he'll went through the mind of the first person who decided to suck on a cow nipple? And can you imagine anyone but a complete nutcase be that first person? Eating eggs is a bit weird to me too, because 1) it literally comes from a chicken butt, 2) it smells exactly like my period blood after leaving my menstrual cup in too long and 3) why would anyone eat someone in their right mind eat something that comes from a chicken butt and smells like overripe period blood in the knowledge that for every hen a make chick is being killed one day after birth? I think I could go on about all the things I find weird about non-vegan food, but I can leave that for another time. Anyway, I find out hard to do things that don't make sense to me, so I don't do them. So I don't do meat, I don't do dairy, I don't do eggs and I don't make my bed in the morning.

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