Vegans fail to stop a fully loaded slaughter house truck.

I haven't had taco bell in over 2yr. Not because I'm some health-obsessed individual that avoids fast food like it was plague or anything. I actually rather enjoy fast food when I decide to indulge. Love(d) taco bell, too. Rather, the location by my place is just fucking god awful. Every time I went to that one, there was some fucking issue. "We're outta beef." "We're outta taco shells." "Everyone left and I'm the only one here and can't make any food." On the occasion you would get food, it was fucked. Stale, shitty stereotypically bad fast food. On top of all these things, the entrance to the drive-thru is one of those that is closed in; so, if someone's behind you after you've entered, you're not going fucking anywhere. You're committed. 10min sitting there waiting to place the order? Too bad, you're stuck. The next-nearest one is like 15min away, too, so that's where I'm going if I wanted to eat it (at my house, anyway).

There was, of course, a final straw. I got done hanging out with some friends and, while on my way home, decided some shitty taco bell sounded wonderful. It's about 5 to Midnight and the store closes at 4am. So I get there and the "DRIVE THRU OPEN" sign is all lit up, as is the big menu board with the speaker shit to place your order. I sit there. And sit there. Finally, after a few minutes, I honk. A very angry woman gets on the speaker to yell "WE CLOSED NOW!!!" with an amount of indignant rage I could taste through the speaker. Oh, well, gee. Guess that's impressive, really, considering they have all their shit on saying they're open. I went somewhere else and about 15min later I was driving past the place on my way back and, shockingly, the "OPEN" signs were all still on. I imagine they were just luring in more victims. In retrospect, I guess I should consider myself lucky I wasn't taken and turned into the mystery meat for some asshole's chalupa.

Fuck that taco bell. And fuck me for having a burning desire to eat it now.

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