Why do vegans feed carnivore pets vegan food?

  1. You made a post with a title that accuses all vegans of feeding carnivores plant based food, which is false

  2. You think dogs can’t survive without meat. Which is false.

  3. Cats can have a vegan diet too, it’s just not recommended yet because it takes absolutely precision to make sure they get the proper supplements, more effort than the average per owner gives their pets.

  4. You’re going around being rude to everyone, and posting on the vegetarian sub about how rude everyone else is despite you starting the troubles.

You could have come here just making a PSA in general, despite this being against subreddit rules as one of the most over posted topics, but no, you went full offense and started limping all vegans together. This causes trolls to see these posts, upvote them and hurts our movement because of the disinformation.

You need to calm down, relax, take a step back and stop making generalizations. People are upset here not because they’re jerks, but in response to your immature actions.

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