Vegetable snack ideas

You can keep some salad vegetables (avocados, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes) at room temperature (source: personal experience, but also various guides to fruit and vegetable storage, like this one from the American Heart Association). I started keeping them on the counter out of necessity, because when I subscribed to a vegetable box I immediately ran out of space in the fridge, but I now do it out of choice. I enjoy eating them much more if they're not fridge-cold, and I'm also much more likely to remember to eat them if they're not hidden in an opaque box.

Another suggestion: it may be a little hard to find, depending on where you live, but ajvar is a delicious spread made from roasted peppers and not much else. It's really good on a thick slice of crusty bread. You do have to put the jar in the fridge after you've opened it, because it's susceptible to mould (even in the fridge it won't last more than a few days), but... well, you only have to put it in the fridge if there's still some left in the jar!

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