[Vendor - Not Verified, I think] MomsHappyXans

In my instance, I had an outstanding order with MHP for 1500 S903s that was done through an OPSEC leak into AB that scammed my order. In an effort to amend this situation, XR introduced and made me moderator as I'm a frequent bulk buyer over the years and would love to start making detailed throughout reviews, not just on the product but how it compares to as advertised while letting consumer decided their vetted option.

As for the sampler S903 review from MHP, in faith I sent a lower amount of btc than requested normally (as business ain't free, shipping + payment for samples should be negotiated but preferred sometimes unless a verification is generous) for a 20pk to be promptly delivered in order to assuage bad feelings and hope to continue business and now fulfill the bulk order at a price I'd like to not disclosure price due to private negotiations that's relevant only to my op and /u/MomsHappyXans.

My verification with Litsolutions so far has purely been identity and the discussion of press verification is up to XR himself. Additionally, the Quix bars which should ben arriving soon, were paid for through shipping XR/Mamba fronted. It'd be nice if some of the more established vendors through a 10-20x pack at the admin to distribute but getting vendors identities, their PGPs, markets/DD availability, and customer service response is a top priority. I feel you Chapo, as a bulk purchase but not a DNM vendor, reach out to me outside of comments/ModMail and on our encrypted line if you want to talk more. Hope all is well with your situation you mentioned you were away from.

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