[Vendor/MarketInquiry] Has anyone recently dealt with goombashop?

I am goombashop, this person attempted to scam me for half price after they lost money on Evo. I have been using this name for over a year, sold on Evo, C9, and others that have gone away, also was under a different name on SR1, BMR, and sheep, and I still sell on Agora, middle earth, mr nice, and nucleus. I have thousands of sales in my over 2 years on DNM's and have never scammed anyone! I do not offer refunds for any reason, if tracking shows delivered then that is that, if tracking shows it was not delivered I will reship. I know my product is good, hundreds of people agree, so when 1 person says different, you can't really believe them! This scammer told me they would be enlisting their troll friends to slander my name on here and wants me to pay them 300$ to stop, I do not give into feedback blackmail and will not give them shit! Middle earth admin made their decision and found in my favor because they know I am a long time trusted vendor! There is no bait and switch, weather you buy 7 grams or 7 pounds you will get the same product and customer service! I do not scam, many people like this troll have attempted to scam me in this same way, it will not work.

Hahanigger666 is likely one of mrjbsir's troll friends that he threatened me with, their post was right around the time I told them I would not be giving any refund. I am not known as a selective scammer, I accept full escrow and deliver the same product to everyone! The only time I will not deliver is when a site goes down for good and I can't get my money, if you FE before the site goes down and I am able to get the funds then I will of course ship it! See my feedback on the markets to get a real idea of my product quality and customer service! I am absolutely not a scammer and this troll is just attempting to scam/blackmail me!

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