Venezuela is on the brink of a complete economic collapse.

You miss my point: Swedes in Sweden do less well than Swedes in America. More importantly, the same is true for every other population - African Americans are wealthier in America than their African counterparts are, as are Chinese-Americans, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans...on and on. Sweden is a wealthy nation, but it would be even wealthier if it were more like America.

This is utter nonsense. How does 'being more like America' make anything intrinsically wealthier? The GDP per capita of Norway is far greater than America. Because it is a capitalist socialist country more is spent on public services; in America residents keep more of their money - but it does not therefore follow that that is a better model. For example the happiness index routinely places Norway above the USA.

Keep in mind, Sweden doesn't have to take credit for the economic well-being of Greeks -- but in America, the industrious German-American who makes $150,000 per year is lumped in with the Mexican immigrant who makes $10 per hour. Both are doing better than they would have in their ancestral country, but the averaging out of incomes creates a statistical distortion than both makes American-liberal idiots beg for Scandinavian style socialism, but also makes Scandinavians incorrectly believe that their system is working.

Your understanding of the EU mechanism is utterly wrong. Other countries do indeed assist each other under the EU model and EU citizens are free to move between countries and collect welfare. But you are trying to compare two different things; and economic union with a country. That is an impossible comparison.

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