[Vent] Are shelters doing dogs any favors by getting creative with the language in their listings?

Do you volunteer at a shelter where potential adopters are not able to interact with the dog before adopting? What are the chances that someone will adopt this dog and neither have a chance to witness its behavior towards other dogs nor have a physical discussion with an adoption coordinator about why the dog needs to be the only dog in the household?

I know this sub tends to be anti-rescue and most of the comments here prove that, but I’ve also volunteered at shelters and I promise that rescues forcing people to adopt aggressive dogs isn’t as common as this sub would have you believe. They have to get people in the door somehow, and absolutely no one will be interested in adopting a dog who is labeled “an untrained spaz” (i.e. 80% of dogs in any given shelter - guess what, all dogs require training) or “fights other dogs” (even though you’ve only seen this dog react to other dogs on-leash or behind a fence in a loud, crowded, high-stress environment). Rescues usually can’t afford licensed behaviorists to evaluate every dog in the facility. So if a dog doesn’t have a history of aggression and has only displayed reactivity from behind a fence, maybe that dog shouldn’t be blanketly labeled as “aggressive.”

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