Vent Megathread

I feel the amount of household work I am responsible for is unfair at this point in time of my life.

I live with my partner and it is true that I am more domestically inclined than he, however, I was recently promoted and now I am now out of the house from 700AM to 800PM. My job isn't particularly stressful (his is) but it does involve a commute which averages out to about 2 hours of my day (the first half of which is particularly stressful though I do get to listen to a lot more KCRW than I was able to before).

Previously I would wash the dishes (he hates getting his hands wet), cook(he has no skill here whatsoever), go grocery shopping (he doesn't have a car), wash and dry laundry, and clean the kitchen(made sense since I was the one who dirtied it), bedroom, and bathroom on weekends. He would put away the dishes (something I HATE doing), fold the laundry (something I also hate doing), take out the trash (I also hate doing this, see the pattern?), and occasionally vacuum and tidy up the living room and dining room.

What's changed is I'm completely burnt out by the time I get home. I've been eating shitty food from convenience stores (expensive), I've had to cancel my gym membership since I don't have time(have to find a new way to vent my stress), I'm getting fucking chubby as fucking fuck(I wanna be hawt), and the house is subjectively a godforsaken mess (reminds me that my life is in subjective shambles).

One thing that I do have going for me is that I just ordered my first shipment of Soylent and it feels like a weight off my shoulders. I'm looking forward to only doing 1/3 of the dishes and meal prep (I still intend to eat old fashioned food for one meal a day). This will free up time as well!

However this leaves my partner in somewhat of a limbo with meals. He's obviously not going to starve to death as he is a functioning adult, but he'll have to start figuring out what he will do for meals. I don't feel bad about it since we split the cost of everything down the middle so I just won't ask him to split the groceries with me anymore. He can still nibble at the old fashioned food I'll prepare but I'll likely take a meal-prep-Sunday-like approach to that as well.

Vent vent vent. Vent vent vent.

TLDR: Can't handle my domestic duties anymore. Decided to start eating people.

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