Venting about skates

I'm afraid of stock boots after my experiences with Edea and my first SP-Teris. I have literal duck feet and think I may actually be a C ball with a AAA heel as insane as that sounds. I also have super skinny ankles so it's hard to get the wrap around from boots. Even my AA heel SPs are gappy around my ankles unless I yank them so tight they hurt.

I tried on some RF1 Exclusives and really like the fit of those so if I do decide to try a stock boots it would absolutely be those. I'm also really interested in the Auras that just came out because I've seen nothing but good opinions about them (including a friend getting a consistent 2A and 3S out of them!) and I feel that would be the easiest way to fit my complicated feet. I'm nowhere near doubles or triples but if I want to keep doing this I want something that's guaranteed to fit me even if it's pricier. I know they can make them less stiff than something made for triples so that's definitely appealing to me. I also like the idea of something light again because my left knee likes to pop painfully when I do loops and flips once I switched into the heavier SP-Teris.

Only issue with Auras is my coach told my coworker, also without telling me, I can't get them. Which I find odd because I'm an adult, whose feet are done growing, who has been through multiple brands with issues in all of them, who knows more about skates than most? She didn't say anything to me when I mentioned them as well so it took me by surprise to hear that from my coworker.

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