Venting post... ugh so frustrated! I don’t know y this has to be 50 characters.

Ok what helped me:

Do you have a premium snap? If not make one now, set it to lifetime and charge whatever you deem reasonable. Update that shit. Reply to guys even if it is simple emojis. Don't dirty talk or sext unless paid and it's an angle to sell Skype if you want to try that, carefully.

Do you have a menu? Make one kinda shorter with stuff like closeup this, closeout that. Set tip goals- buttplug, oil show, DP. Whatever you're comfy with.

Hashtag and give your room a title. Look at the top hashtags. Asian. Milf. Anal, etc. Lush is one. They give you 5 that show but the others will if a guy is looking specific for feet. Once you set the lush up announce it big!! Guys love it. Also hashtag #new even if your week is up! You still are.

Sometimes just get naked and chill on your bed on your stomach but propped up ass. Guys seem to be over tip goals of "shirt off" at 1000 tk unless you're brand new and young.

Smile. Itll feel stupid and crazy with a room of no tippers but smike at the cam and act happy. Guys will see your room and click it because you look positive. Ask your grey's to talk, or the whole room. How is everyone's friday? Dont let them get dirty talking for free or mute them.

Rotating notifier app. Get it and make one saying Follow me! To remind guys. Don't give up yet but if none of this helps you I'm sorry.

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