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omg last year i went to the gym and they told me I had to wear a mask in the pool. I was pissed and asked them what if a kid gets water in their face over a mask you want them to choke? They said rules are rules and called security to kick me out. I was so upset. i don't have kids but it was the first thing that came to mind. Being forced to wear a mask in the pool in chorine is so absurd. I refused to get out until security literally jumped in the pool to remove me.

got kicked out only to see people shooting up and sh---ing and throwing up on the street outside the gym but public health right? I reported it to other security who were not the ones who kicked me out but they told me to have some compassion and sympathy. I am not kidding you. I was invited back to the gym from friends but I refused. they were actually mad at me for not complying to the rules but it's okay to leave bloody used needles and empty drug parahelia and glass vodka bottles in the entrance. please tell me why.....i sympathize with addicts I was one ( at-home home alcoholic) but i don't understand why public health applies to one thing but another. please don't come at me. I'm just trying to understand logic.

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