Do Venus and the Midheaven also influence appearance somehow or is it just a rising sign / first house thing? Thanks for helping!

I dress like death itself. I have a Pluto in First House, Scorpio Rising, Pluto Dominant chart. However, I'm a Taurus stellium in Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury. My Venus is in Gemini eighth house, I'm a trendy kind of death apparently. I love following trends but I always pick the most repressed colour and the darkest shades e.g. Dark maroon, Crimson red or Black. I'm almost always in all black. In addition, I believe that anything aspecting ur sun will affect how u appear as well because having a Pluto Square Sun makes me a repressed person when it comes to self expression. So yeah, I'll say personally for myself I refer to the whole chart then make sense out of their fashion style instead.

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