Is Verizon balancing the books from the strike with all these terminations ?

Someone told me today it's 75-90% of ESs, but that's gotta be too high. The truly enraging thing is during an interview for a business position they said I was the perfect candidate, interviewed well, and had the experience they wanted, but they won't hire ESs because they "want to give managers who want to change career paths" to have those jobs.

We run these goddamn stores. I do all of my managers' work for them on top of the ops duties they gave me when our ops specialist left and all of the IT support, troubleshooting, escalations, and regular ES duties.

I got coached for taking my first Sunday off in three years because they had to figure out how to do inventory without me.

Then I find out I just might lose my job.

I've got a wife and three kids all dependent on me. I went on EWA, lost all of my personal time and vacation time every year for this company. I've missed my children's first steps, first words, first soccer games, and first day of school for this company.

I don't get to have friends, go to church, have hobbies, or finish my degree because of what I've sacrificed.

I've been gold standard in NPS with dozens of verbatims, award winning, and served on the company best practices team. Only to be told I might go to the jam session tomorrow to a shitty severance package that won't cover a month of bills.

If you make it through the layoffs tomorrow, you better join that goddamn union.

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