Very back to school

Had talks like that before with them, they honestly dont care. This started around 2014, just gotten worse and worse. Its so widespread to such an degree here (not naming country or city) even when they fail the exams (which they do...always) the administration keeps them enrolled for the next semester, there is always some kind of BS (involving "fees") the kids or parents do and presto they have passed or get to take makeup exam after makeup exam until we finally say "Fuck it" (those dimwits hand in Blank papers...). Had a frank talk with our Boss about this. Saying that this policy will just make the situation worse since these Students can literally do nothing for 4 years and still leave with a Degree. I warned that this will cause more and more students to become useless and it will make our job much harder and overtime ruin the reputation of our school. (which it certainly did!)

My Boss basically said that he knows, and he has talks like that every other week. But if they didnt do this, i would have been fired already. There would be tons of layoffs since if prospective students look at our College and they see that the failure rate is over 30% they will choose a different College.

In any case every new Semester is scraping the barrel further and Further. I currently have one class where participation is down to 30%. So when my contract is over i will do something else. Not sure what, been a teacher for 10 Years its what i love but i am honestly fed up.

When i first started teaching i was in a rural school in a developing country. Those students where freaking Brilliant. Pushed me to my absolute limits since they absorbed information so quickly. Most of them where able to pull themselves out of poverty and some make more money a month then i make in a year. Very Proud of them. There are Millions and Millions of more people who freaking wish they could go to school or College but either its not available or they are too poor or they are not allowed (many countries forbid higher education for women, or women are urged not to).Sorry this is really Offtopic for PCMR but i needed to vent a little.

Sorry for my english aswell, not a native speaker.

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