To the very religious people here, how do you keep faith in something that has no proof that it exists?

If you really search your opinion set and knowledge you keep I'm sure you can find a lot of examples in your life where you accept something as true on faith alone, simply because you trusted the source

I don't trust any source that hasn't demonstrated that it is trustworthy. For example, I trust a doctor's diagnosis, because I know he went to medical school and treats patients all day every day of his life. I would not trust a diagnosis by some random dude in an alley who tells me I have an illness. As another example, I'll trust an engineering textbook I am given in college, because I know that it is the standard curriculum in colleges across the nation and wouldn't be so if it were a bunch of nonsense. I would not trust a hand-written engineering textbook given to me by some dude in an alley.

I'm not saying there is no god, I'm just saying that comparing religious faith to "trust in people who have established their trustworthiness," a comparison I see a lot, is a false equivalence.

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