Veteran confronts Joe Biden for his role in vigorously supporting the Iraq War | 'Because of your policies, my friends and countless civilians are dead. Millions are dead in Iraq. Their blood is on your hands.'

Hmm not a tech businessman huh. His wiki page says he was a corporate lawyer but wait lets read a few more lines and see what he did after that! Yang was the founder or executive of sever early stage growth companies. Here is a quote from Yang himself about what he is doing in 08 “[I] personally taught the analyst classes at McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley”. Hm sounds like he may be a guy to not trust. Lets see what he has to say as a CNN talking head.

"the math says Joe is our prohibitive nominee." The math says its Joe Biden sorry. Like the guy was transparently a neolib. Just cause he adopted the slightest socialist tendencies he gained a following.

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