To the veteran players

I still remember getting my first Alpha starter in 6th grade. We had no idea what we were doing back then. Most decks were just what we got from a couple of starters and maybe a pack or two. Lots of janky stuff, but so much fun. Lots of trading and little concern to "value". I stopped buying cards around Revised, and only ever bought packs. I never sought out cards to buy as a single. I've been playing seriously (as in knowing what I'm doing) for about five years. That's when I got back into the game and found EDH.

I have 14 EDH decks. 4 cEDH decks, 5 pretty dang good decks, and 5 vorthos/tribal/jank decks varying in strength and flavor. Those last 5 are my favorite decks.

I have been getting burned out the last year. Just too much going on in life to keep up with all the new sets, rules changes, etc. Still love the format, but I haven't upgraded a deck in a while. I refuse to acknowledge the recent bans. How the fuck you gonna ban PE and not ban Flash? GTFO rules committee, your drunk.

I found that all of the content around the format was causing me to get tired of it. Too much Youtube content, podcasts, blogs and whatever. Since stopping all of that I have found my stride again. Less input from outside sources makes me a more unique deck builder.

Also fuck EDHREC. That site is a cancer to originality.

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