VICE have published an article about the NA match-fixing incident

Steel is getting so much backlash because he is the only one that has the balls (albeit after he was caught) to come forward at this point and talk about the incident.

No, he still gets shit on because he truly believed he nothing wrong. He never expressed remorse. It took him a damn while to even admit to what he had done. He tried to excuse his behavior stating that he helped the community via casting or whatever. In short, he acted like a fucking asshole when everyone else shut their gob-holes and took their punishment.

I don't claim to be an expert, give me all the down votes you desire, but also know that steel is a human that made a mistake. He didn't take a life, so why should he pay the ultimate price of having everything he worked for thrown away?

That's pretty funny: potentially being banned (Valve urged people not to work with him, but parties could still decide to do so, like Twitch) from playing in cash events is not the ultimate price. Being jailed, maimed, or dying are events that are much more in-line with this "ultimate price" tag you put on the ban.

Dialing the wrong number is a mistake. Knocking over a glass of water on the table is a mistake. Purposefully losing so you can make money from betting on yourself is not a mistake -- it shows malice and intent. He knew what he was doing and his only "mistake" was getting found out.

Also, what was lost, huh? You know damn well he already cashed out so whatever items were in his one account was stuff he could afford to lose. Oh no, he is likely banned from official tournaments, that is sad. But he can still play all the CSGO he wants.

I'm sorry that you're too young to understand the gravity of what actually happened. But Valve's actions were not without precedent: other professional sporting associations have banned players for life as far back as the early 20th century.

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