Victoria police investigate fire at third church linked to paedophile priests - "Suspected arson attack at St Mary’s Church in Dandenong follows two other blazes – all at churches linked to priests accused of child sexual abuse"

Yeah, we think it's normal and most of us don't realize how it is a slavery mindset. Religions go with it. They teach us that we need a god to worship and obey or we are just lost to sin. All of it is about giving our own power away to others. That is why it is considered a slave mentality. It makes one ready to be an appendage of a hierarchy.

This game for our consciousness is not over yet. It may be cliche to say that the devil wants your soul, but there is actually a workable system we are capable of conceiving and perceiving that, at the very least, can place one, mentally, into a state of subservience. Just by consistently choosing to serve oneself at the expense of others, one is submitting to this system.

Selfish people are predictable based on their perceived prospects for gain and loss and the perceived risk involved. Predictable people are easy to control. Just give them an appealing enough reward for cooperation and a sufficiently unappealing punishment for disobedience. As long as one can give them enough pleasure and fear, one can control them. Only their concern for the wellbeing of others would be much of a liability, aside from the unknown temptations given by other competitor over minds. Also, older minds are more capable of perceiving how others think and behave and are more capable of influencing that behavior. This is the nature of the beast. It aims to make us behave outside of self control and thus become predictable and manageable, even exopolitically with logically valid justifications.

Yet, when people see others do good works and manage their own behavior in a good way with respect to others, they admire it and realize that they too can be that way. That is the way that Jesus taught. It's independence based interdependence, standing on one's own two feet emotionally, mentally, and morally, but then also using one's talents to help others. This is the sort of behavior that the foreign installation and it's minions seek to suppress. It won't help them sell hierarchy and servitude.

They want us out of control, diseased by our own apparent choices, seeking a savior to make it all better. Whether we believe in God(s) or benevolent, yet overly controlling ETs as our salvation, we are stuck in a slavery mindset. They want us to look outside ourselves for the answers, so they can play the role of mentors or masters. This is how we would give them our planet and our people. They will come as assistance for the products of their corruptions. They are masters of fear and deception. This is an old story, obfuscated by the extremes of blind superstitious belief and overly skeptical incredulity.

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