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auto-formatting is basic IDE functionality that does not require any time.

clients also will see how expensive is to maintain and change code, adding additional non-spanish resources to your code will be expensive, if you can even find someone who is willing to touch that mess. In my experience, if a developer is not even capable to format code properly, that usually is the least of problems.

proper utilization of standards also makes a lot easier to collaborate, you would know that if you ever had worked in a team or had any long-running project. and it is very easy to enforce them with automated tools.

your example of commit message actually is very good, descriptive and explains what was done. If you are trying to mock that pull request I sent, I would argue that removing dead code and adding tests improves code a lot- easier to maintain, read and reduces CRAP metric. But I don't expect you to understand if you have 0 experience working with 5-year-old projects that gets changes daily or have any experience in managing up to 10 developer teams as team lead.

let's end this pissing contest, I admit you are the best developer world has seen. bye.

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