Video appears to show DeKalb police choking, tasing man during arrest for marijuana possession

Your the only one that has anything warped.

Your making excuses for the cop CHOKING HIM UNTIL HE PASSED OUT.


I dont think i can repeat it anymore. EVEN IF THE GUY WAS INITIALLY RESISTING. What the cop did was wrong!

I never said the cops attacked him for no reason.

Would you be so understanding about that cop if you were the one being choked and tased? Regardless if you’re resisting or not?!

Training?¿? What about all the training he already had? Training that should have told him DO NOTA CHOKE PEOPLE.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. You’re so caught up in assuming the cop is innocent that you clearly dont give a fuck about anyone. Especially if they seem to be “resisting”.

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