The Video of Donald Trump Telling Associates to “Get Rid of” Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Has Been Released

Around a year ago I went fishing with, and then had dinner at a guy's, a guy whom I was hoping to make a multi-million dollar deal with. I cannot remember the guy's name. I don't make deals like that often at all. In the past year, since that dinner, I've only made one. I do remember the names involved in this last one though. So I'm one for two. And so it doesn't suprise me that somebody like Trump, who deals with probably thousands of people in a year will not remember a few of them. Wouldn't even expect him to remember most of then. Something else to note is that I fully intend to deal with said guy in the relative near future. Still don't know his name. Trump has really no reason to remember the name of somebody he (evident from the video) had no intention of dealing with again. Just some food for thought.

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