Video I got tonight in Phoenix of Corey's son sidestage at the end of Surfacing

So because people cant seperate the band mates from their kids, and want to take photos with them and follow their social media, that makes them try hards? I guarantee you Griffon nor Simon has ever gone up to a SINGLE fan and said "hey will you take a picture with me?" But when they get asked..if they say no..."oh kids a fuckin brat"...they say yes..."oh kids a fuckin try hard slipknot wanna be." Simon drums for his own band and they fucking lay it down...when griffin was asked if he would ever replace corey for slipknot his exact words were "fuck no id use my creativity and create my own band.." Do you think the 225 days a year corey tours with slipknot, stone sour, does movies/promos/ u think corey goes home every night after the show...u think he flies frok whatever city back to Iowa? Those kids have missed ALOT of time with their OUR fucking some respect for the guys in the band you think at least enough of to lurk their subreddit and talk shit about their kids. Heres another thing jackass....clowns fucking daughter just died. Thats simon and gauges sister...thats griffins cousin...they literally grew up and spent birthdays and holidays together...and clown and corey deciee to keep the kids close while they are our of school..and what? They suppose to throw on camo hats and sunglasses and hide in the back of the lawn.

Corey Taylor wrote a song about you in late 2000...its called should check it out sometimes.

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