Videos Show How Federal Officers Escalated Violence in Portland

I've been watching these threads, people have been saying "we should bring the US flag", with mostly supportive responses... During the "peaceful protests" last night there was one flag visible, maybe two if you count an upside down flag. Im talking 11pm and after.

No federal agents present, a fire lit on in front of the building... still no waving US flags.

As soon as the feds come out and start gassing guess what, everyone clears and one dude with the US flag waving like crazy.

Im not stupid. It was simply there to be used for propaganda.

I've seen plenty people with medic patches on. If you cant fuck with medics but everyone is marked as a medic, then what? Is the point that its the government's fault for not having provisions for this kind of abuse of common medic insignia?

There really is no reason for people to be at this building other than to instigate the feds into having to perform crowd control. If nobody was there, nobody would know the feds were in Portland.

How about you focus on the black lives and police brutality that the every day person is subjected to while trying to mind their own business?

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