View on evolution?

Okay so show me evidence where mutation and natural selection changed a species to another. And I repeat all my questions before so you can answer them:

Also explain to me why a sudden appearance of a variety of species occur during the Cambrian era with no transitional history? And explain to me how a bird with no wings grew wings through evolution. It must have grew a wing stub that through millions of years became an effective wing. But why would that wing stub continue to evolve when a wing stub would not help the bird adapt to its environment, but quite the opposite. Also explain to me why a fish would wiggle out of the sea and onto land to become a land animal. Why would a fish wiggle out onto land to breathe air. Fish have gills to extract oxygen from water, not lungs to breathe air. Why would a fish leave water to choke and gasp on land? Is it stupid? Ok lets say it is stupid. So these fish keep leaving the water for land to choke and gasp for millions and millions of years until it eventually evolves to have lungs? How is that helping it adapt to its surroundings? Also, why do dinosaurs just explode into existence in the Triassic period. Where are the millions of transitional fossils for dinosaurs? There aren't any. Also, the second law of thermodynamics states that organization cannot form from chaos. How can chaos create complex life that goes opposite from the the second law of thermodynamics? This 'law' has never been proven wrong, so evolution is going to change that? The whole universe is moving towards randomness, species go extinct, genes of humans, plants and animals continue becoming defective with time, not effective.

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