Viewers are left outraged as Sir Cliff Richard tells Loose Women he'd rather 10 guilty people go free than one innocent person suffer after he was wrongly accused of historical sex offences

I know plenty about biology and science. I also know plenty about stars. I know, for instance, that the universe (probably) started with a big bang. Where did that big bang come from? Can you please tell me?

Anyway, onto my paraphrasing of your initial comment:

When you speak of ”basic education” but you believe in christianity...

The OP only mentioned Sodom and Gamorrah as a frame of reference for beliefs on presumption of innocence. Punishing everyone for the crimes of a few people is wrong, and that's what that story was trying to tell us. You don't have to believe in God to take away that message from that story. However, your stupid ass comes in here and says that referencing that story means you're Christian, and because you're Christian you're stupid. Guess what? I've looked through your comment history, you're dumb as shit. Every single comment is inane drivel that everyone everywhere could have gone their whole life without seeing, and not missed anything. And you claim high horse over people trying to establish moral guidelines via storytelling?

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