Why do we villainize PT test failures?

youre my entire problem.

Your lack of physical activity and willingness to do the bare minimum is your problem. You're not entitled to staying in and being a shitbag airman.

i am NOT substandard. if it wasn't for the run portion of the test...


that I've been working on even before I failed my first test,

It's a given you passed it in basic, what happened since then? Laziness and entitlement?

I would be so far above the standard of your typical airman.

And so humble!

I know not because of what i think, but because that's what all of my leadership in my 6 short years have told me.

You've been in 6 fucking years and you can't pass the run? We have fat fucks in waking life going from "Couch to 5k" and you can't manage to get your diet and exercise habits in check and lead a healthy lifestyle?

Substandard, never promote.

but yet, here you are, thinking im "substandard"

Well... you've outed youself as such "because I can't run."

the president probably can't run at our standards yet he's the president.

Oh lets not get started on that piece of work.

different line of work? maybe.

Maybe POTUS is different from your line of work? MAYBE? Fucking lol

just because I can't run for some unknown reason

Oh it's known...

What is your physical fitness, diet, and sleep regime looking like right now? Type up what you've done on a consistent basis for... the past 3 months. That should be easy enough.

at whatever pace you'd like doesnt make me a shitbag though.

It's the Air Force standard, which is already low.

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