This vintage space themed wallpaper found under 3 layers of other wallpaper in an old farm house.

I'm not flexing, per se. It's called a debate and you didn't try. The people that join debate club and provide strong evidence are the ones that end up becoming leaders and presidents and shit on people that cry about money. (not claiming i care about those positions)

You referred to me as a fictional character and then as fish bait. Still nothing to support your original debate. It was quite on the hilariousness scale when you said you were lying in a comment, so I looked at other comments and you meta-lied and were actually an old dude.

I don't post on the internet these days without expecting shit trolls, and that was pretty much the last opportunity you had to sustain trollism. Your daily posting life REALLY SHOWS YOUR AGE TOPKEK.

Fuck this was actually boring but I got the data.

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