US: Virginia anti-gay bill would permit discrimination against gays

Anyways, the very top of this contains an question. Answer it if you can.

Why would I torture myself for a third time?

How long did it take for me to prove to you that American law recognizes a difference between "moral convictions" and "religious convictions"? How long did it take for me to prove to you that legislative history is a proper resource for legal analysis?

Even though anyone with even a small understanding of law would have agreed with that point, you were tedious and petulant despite your ignorance. Most other reasonable people would have accepted the truth within a few minutes. You are not a reasonable person.

Why would I ever punish myself again for a third time? You cannot even bring yourself to admit that I am right. After I proved my points and won the argument, you went from Gish Gallop to moving the goal post to argumentum ad hominem. (About the only logical fallacy that you have not employed is "Reductio ad Hitlerum," but you did come close by invoking Stalin.)

When I pointed out your mistakes, you ran off in a tantrum. The one Redditor who read our entire thread agreed with me. Seriously, your pride and arrogance are an affront to other decent Christians like me.

You are poor debater and a poor sport. I am just here to remind other Redditors of that fact when you try to bully them with your claims such as:

Atheist believe morals are all relative.

This is not one atheists or some atheists, but all (at least a majority of) atheists "believe morals are all relative." Again, it is a statement you make without any evidence. It is also wrong since you refused to defend it.

Remember, you freely chose to walk away from your claim that moral convictions could be based on non-religious beliefs is "a bold statement and a faulty one." Your non-response and refusal to defend your arguments is an unconditional admission that you are completely wrong. Here are your words, so I will hold you to your own standards:

No one has forced you to defend your statements.... If you want to back down and not defend your arguments that's your decision. Know, though, that if you do, then what you said was meaningless.

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