Virginia teacher sues school after being fired for not using transgender student's pronouns

I don't message random people. You left a snarky ass comment about every kid having their own pronoun, which was absurd. It wasn't "curious" because you haven't been in school for a while. Neither have I, but I sure as shit realize that not every kid in every class wants their own pronoun. Some people are missing a leg, some people are slow, some people just need a break. Doesn't mean we have to treat everyone like they're missing a leg. I mean - seriously? You think that's a reasonable assumption?

You left a dipshit comment looking to bait someone and I took it, I'm just not some bleeding heart liberal who gets all butt hurt over the gays (heh heh) and now you're all confused as to why or how you got here? You were just a curious and well intentioned commenter with an honest question? And THAT was your question!? Okay...

Maybe you're not creepy or have any pent up shit, but based on your question and what you had to add... Assuming it was just a neutral and curious question... You're a fucking idiot.

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