Virginity is also cool.

Nah. But people who have a place on r/dankmemes aren't easy to get offended. Also that's your reasoning, for me, it's just the fact that the whole debate around consent, (which shouldn't exist of course, a no is a no and a yes is a yes), is so dense, that now there's a wave of women falsely accusing men for: money, revenge or even fame, going to even reaching stars, just like Justin Bieber, but unlike him, sometimes truth doesn't come out which results in the complete destruction of that victim's (the victim of the false accusation) life, was it his social life or even his career. And the saddest thing is, sometimes, even when the truth somehow come out after years, it's already too late. And I do think that women doing this, are as fucked up as people who dare call themselves men while they're nothing but a rapist. I'm also very sorry if someone got offended by this meme, and hope this explains why there's actually people upvoting this, and finding it funny.

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