Virgins of Reddit, how old are you and why are you still a virgin?

I am 19. My now ex was my first relationship and it lasted 8 months, I asked her several times about 3 months into the relationship(around June), and she said she was not ready, which I understood, and brushed it off. then around November I asked her again, she was still unsure about it, I wasn't going to press her on it so, again, I brushed it off. I enjoyed her company and kissing plenty enough. Around new years we were talking and when I asked her again, she dropped something big on me. She was asexual. I was stunned by this and started questioning our entire relationship.Later in the week, she was at my house and she said that she would be willing to do it for me, for my pleasure and I told her that it was very noble of her to say that, and we went on with our day. Cut to late January, I text from a friend at around 10 am that wants to talk with me. He comes over to my house and asks me "So how is your relationship with so and so?" and I reply with "good, why?" and he bluntly says "She's cheating on you." Naturally, I call him a liar, but then he shows proof, she was cheating on me with her first boyfriend. Cue the worst day of my life so far. the entire night consisted of me finding out more and more details about it from several different people. She was on a trip to Florida at the time so I couldn't talk to her about this in person, which made everything so much worse. around 11 pm she texted me and said that she knows that I know. After me questioning her ad nauseam I eventually find out that she fucked him because "He was my first everything and took everything from me. so, I took the one thing that he wanted to keep for the person he was going to marry; his v-card" so essentially she revenge fucked him. I talked to one of my ex's friends who was 'acquaintances' with the guy she cheated on with and according to the guy, "she [my ex] manipulated me into it". eventually, she just stops replying to my texts (I found out from a friend that was with me at the time that she was going to bed) And as hard as it was, I ended the relationship. The whole situation has seriously fucked with me, and I am having trouble putting myself back out there. The fact that she was willing to do more with some lanky fucker, than her boyfriend of 8 almost 9 months (3 days until 9 month anniversary) seriously shocks me. I'm trying to look forward, I'm going to college next fall so hopefully, it will get better.

TLDR: I'm a virgin because my first SO didn't want to have sex because she wasn't comfortable with the idea, only to find out that the actual reason was that she was asexual. She then proceeds to revenge fuck her first boyfriend.

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