Visa free travel in eu?

This is only true for Schengen members and associated countries.

However, Finland is not part of the Schengen zone and thus may set its own rules. As a Russian citizen living in Germany without a Schengen Visa she needs to apply for a regular Finish Tourist Visa.

i saw that it listed only children/ grandchildren of eu people i am from eu so does it work? What about a parent of an eu citizen?

No. This is for minors / family with kids. Kids that are too young to have their own travel documents may travel on the parents' Visa / documents. I'm afraid your mother will have to apply individually.

Doesn't mean that you can't draft the paperwork for her - you definitely can. She only needs to sign them personally.

She has a shengen visa but it expired this month so it won't be of use.

A Schengen Visa would have worked, but since its expired, it won't help.

Just ask your closest Finish embassy or consulate for advice.

Here you go! This is the Visa application form:{EF0FE5A2-1CA0-4143-8E7A-EC20D3C0DA3F}

See this site for more information:

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