Visualization of Spinning Nesting Spheres and the sudden instant they stopped

Thanks for the post. I love this type of stuff although I haven't taken it to the extreme as you just did but now I want to try.

The things that shot out at me was

vibrating so fast, it looks as if it was still, but you could feel the high frequency.

  • During outer body experiences and DMT trips this is what occurs.

And i was inside of the sphere and saw only sharp triangular/pyramid frameworks all around me stretching up

  • This is awesome. I feel there are no "circles" in the higher dimensions as I've never seen one.

All the crystalline entities I see which are very cubic/sharp in nature although from a distance they look round but upon further inspection it was Anti-aliasing. The roundness was simply very small fractal sharp edges.

Are there any other thought experiments you've done that have brought similar awesomeness?

Also it sounds like you are quite advanced at this so I'll share something a higher dimensional being showed me which is the blue hyper cube.

This was my first encounter when the entities actually told me my story and also told me how to leave this world completely.

They first showed me how they lived, in this cosmic blue ocean of love where it feels as if you were a piece of sea plant stuck to a coral and as the tides come in and go its the most relaxing/safe/loving feeling I've ever felt in this world or other worlds.

They then told me I was born a human accidentally and they were trying to bring me back to them (they really did act like family). They didn't stop there though, they showed me how I can leave which involves this blue hyper cube.

As I leave the ocean of love I see a blue hyper cube way out in front of me but even further behind that is the blue ocean of love [its not water though its a substance I've never seen before].

They then showed me the blue hyper cube filling up with a white substance and then shooting out into the ocean of love, this kept happening over and over like a broken record. I then wondered what it would be like be in that cube and immediately I was inside the cube [it was huge compared to me although I did not have a body, simply a viewer.]

I felt whatever I was, was slowly expanding and filling up the cube and I soon snapped out of it because I wasn't sure what was going to happen next but it felt like I was going to be gone from this life forever and I still have things I need to do here but if you are wanting to try to meditate on that, go for it but again I warn you I have no idea what happens after that nor do I know if its a good idea.

A part of me thought why are they showing me this? Is it really this easy to leave? I did go through a lot of struggle in my life and overcame it so a part of me thought perhaps I passed all the tests? But I was only 27 so I felt it wasn't wise to think I was ready to leave this earth [if thats what happened].

I did tell them though when I'm ready [much older], I hope they come back so I can join them. Funny thing is for the last 4 months I constantly see a crystalline entity, always with me. I'm going to do a write up on this pretty soon and post it to this sub to see what they think is happening.

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