Vlogger ‘had no evidence’ for Govanhill child abuse claims

I lived in Govanhill in 2008 and everybody knew about all the brothels but one day my ex and I were walking past a close and there was a big guy standing manning the front door of the ground floor flat, we were across the road and chatting with a friend and half watching this guy as his behaviour seemed odd. Suddenly the flat door was opened from the inside and we seen a girl of no more than 9 or 10 and well, you can guess the other bit. So we realised it was some sicko kiddy brothel. My then boyfriend and his friend then went over and beat the shit out of the man outside and the one from inside! We then obviously reported it to the police. When we got home that night I seen my boyfriend cry for the first time ever because of the horrific site that was seen.We never did hear from the police so i presume nobody was charged, a horrible place to live then and I imagine it's just got worse and worse! I've heard so many similar stories, I also had a friend who was randomly kidnapped from the street and raped. We moved, i was scared being in govanhill

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